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We are Rae and Daniel Samms, proud owners of Linden Leaf Farm. Rae began dressage riding at nine years old, and after gaining experience riding various breeds we purchased our first Lipizzaner in 2011. In love with the breed ever since, we decided to move back to Canada from the UK and introduce new Lipizzaner bloodlines to North America. In 2014 we purchased two additional mares from Slovenia, and then flew our small herd across the Atlantic to establish our breeding centre in Pictou.


Nova Scotia is ideally placed for us to travel to Europe and source horses for our clients in person, and is easily accessible to New York where most imported horses complete their quarantine. We are also located close to the ferry to PEI and the equine veterinary college.


The future holds more adventures to come, including another shipment of mares to expand our breeding herd, and continued improvements to our facilities.


We are hugely grateful to our friends and family who have helped us along this incredible journey. Many thanks to the following individuals for your help with sourcing, training and photography!


Jana Jasovic Memon (SLO)      

Andrea Fuller Photography (NS)

Sue Edwards Dressage (UK)    

Erin Shaw Photography (UK) 

Roz Moskovits Dressage (NS) 

Erin MacQuarrie Dressage (NS)


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