• Rae Samms

Introducing Soren!

Soren is a 5 year old, Dutch Warmblood gelding that we have brought in for training and future sale. He is a kind and gentle horse with very little riding experience, which is my preference at this stage as we won’t have to battle against previous training issues. He is HUGE, just shy of 18hh and I suspect he might even get a little taller! He is now the tallest horse in the barn, just edging out Harris, one of our boarders who stands at about 17.2hh.

Soren is a big ball of clay at this stage. He’s a little bit nervous but he doesn’t do much with those nerves, (at least not yet)! He is too willing to please to intentionally put a foot wrong. He hasn’t jumped around or run away from anything new and frightening; you can just tell with his breathing and wider eyes that he’s a little worried. He does calm down quickly, however, and tries to figure out what’s being asked.

We will be posting regular updates of Soren’s training progress on our YouTube channel, which you can go to here. Soren has his own playlist so that you can follow his development. Soren is a truly wonderful character and a talented young horse; we can’t wait to see how he turns out!

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