• Rae Samms

The Opening Volley

It's now been nearly 4 years since we moved into our wonderful, sometimes overwhelming property. It's quite a romantic idea to move continents and pursue a dream as grand as this one of owning a horse farm seemed to us. It was a huge leap that still challenges us every day! Many people ask us how we did it, and how we continue to grow and adapt our equestrian business. So maybe we should start sharing and documenting our experiences in a blog?!

For our very first post, here goes an attempt to jot down and share just a few of the things that we have learned so far, and what skills and experience we continue to acquire over time. To start, here are some of the fun and less romantic things we've learned at Linden Leaf Farm in the last 3 years:

1) If you have a young child, he/she WILL eat horse poop. Sometimes frequently. Sometimes off of the tractor tires.

2) If you have dogs, they will ABSOLUTELY, DEFINITELY eat and roll in horse poop. 3) You will eat horse poop. Maybe not as willfully as your children or animals, but it will happen, and you won't care. You will be too tired to care.

4) Your animals will multiply, whether or not they are physically capable of doing so. Four horses become nine. Two dogs become four. Two chickens become five. No cows become two, and then ten. No guinea hens become two, then five, then back to two.... no thanks to a rogue raccoon that refuses to be caught (does that count as one raccoon...?)

5) Your tolerance of spiders will be nearly limitless.

6) You will smash more phones than you can count.

7) I won't even start with days off.

8) You will see your horses as partners, friends, and allies, but never as 'fur kids'.

9) You will learn, if you don't know already, that nothing is ever your horse's 'fault'. Whatever the issue is, it either originates from you, or is within your power to solve. You can perpetually learn to be and do better.

10) Sometimes the solution to an issue with your horse might not be right for you, but right for them.

11) Most importantly, you will learn that even when a problem or a task might seem monumental, or the responsibility of something too great, that breaking it down into constituent parts and taking any action at all will give you the power to tackle it. Trust yourself to learn, to make mistakes, to recognize them, and to move on. Any action is better than no action. If you need to change course, change it, and don't beat yourself up for it. By just doing something, ANYTHING, you learn that you can exceed your own expectations of yourself.

Now that we got those tidbits out of the way, we will be using this blog to share our experiences, our learnings, our ups and downs, our successes and failings, so that hopefully you can also learn how to turn your dream into reality. Maybe we can help you to navigate the process of starting up your own equestrian business, or breaking your way into the equine industry. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, where we will be posting new content regularly. Please ask us questions, comment, subscribe, share, and engage - we are happy to hear from you!

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